What you care about is what we're focusing on

No residual glue
Easy to use, easy to remove
Anti - UV, anti - aging etc.

Quality Control

We run tests all the time!


We measure the thickness in each process, Blowing Film process, after printing and after coating process etc.

Printing and color Alignment

Our printing machine can automatically correct the correct version, We compare the colors with the pantone code strictly.

Adhesion (Peel Strength 180°)

Environment Temperature: 23℃±2℃ RH: 50% ±5% Film width: 25mm

Anti-UV & Anti- Aging

Simulate rainy days and sun exposure to accelerate the aging of protective film

Low and high temperature test

Rapid conversion of high temperature and low temperature to test the temperature resistance of glue

High Temperature Test

76℃ for 72 Hours

Our Blog

The Development History Of Protective Film

Protective film refers to a product that is protected from pollution, corrosion, scratches, and the original smooth and shiny surface during production, processing, transportation, storage and use, thereby improving product quality and market competitiveness. film. The classification of protective film Protective film products can be classified according to applications and adhesive materials used. And often different substrates are used due to different application areas. Common substrates include OPP film, PVC film, PET film, PE film! Specifically in the following areas: agriculture, furniture glass, home appliances, electronic products, etc. At first, the production of protective film was mainly concentrated in industrialized

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How to remove the residue glue from the protected surface?

When you buying surface protective film, the most important thing is to ensure that the protective film does not leave glue on the surface after removeing. This not only causes losses to the corporate image, but may also cause direct economic losses due to goods returns. You will even lose customers. Actually, the glue used in the protective film is different from the glue used in the production of packaging tape, but it will still cause residue due to some factors, such as the corona of the protective film is too low, the drying temperature is too low or the drying time

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1 year warranty

For All of our Protective Film

We recommend our customers to store the protective film indoors, away from direct sunlight and rain. The temperature of the storage environment is 23℃±5℃ and the humidity does not exceed 60%.
Normally, it can be stored for up to one year. After the protective film is laminated to the surface, Please avoid direct sunlight to prevent the protective film from aging. LASPEF protective film can promise perfect removal within one year. If the protective film is used outdoors, please remove it within six months.