Protective Film

LASPEF® manufacture a wide ranges of Surface protection films for a variety of uses and applications.

Whatever your products are, it’s Building Materials,  Home Appliances, Automobiles or Medical Devices, Its manufacturing process or its final application, LASPEF® helps you choose the perfect protective film to match what you need.

Protective Film For

Sandwich Panels

LASPEF® sandwich panel protective film provides customers with the best solution, Easy Peel, Clean Removal, Water Proof.

Protective film for

PVC Profiles

LASPEF® offer films in various quality, color, printability, thickness,length,width and adhesive.

PE Protection Tape For

Aluminium Profiles

LASPEF® White Black Protection Film provides customized adhesion for the different surface of aluminum profiles.

White Black Film For

Aluminium composite Panel

LASPEF®’s Printed White Black film for aluminium composite panel suitable for different surfaces such as, High Glossy Surfaces ,Glossy Surface, Matt Surface and Super Matt Surface.

Easy Peel Film For

Aluminium Sheets

Whether its high gloss, mill finish, matt or structured aluminium, the LASPEF polyethylene film offers you the optimum protective solution

Clear,Blue,Yellow film For

MDF Board

LASPEF® provides Customized Printed film for more than dozens of different mdf sheet surfaces, and the perfect logo printing effect makes the sheet look more outstanding.

Safety Backing Film For


LASPEF® White | Black | Clear Mirror Safety Backing Film is apply to mirrors and mirror doors to prevent injury from glass shards in the event of breakage.

Blue | Clear Protection Film for

Windows & Glass

LASPEF® produces Windows Protection Films using custom glues from South Korea. Low Tack, Clean Removal.

Transparent Film For

PVC Windowsill

LASPEF® offers you the optimum protective solution expertly matched to your processes and the requirements of your surfaces.

Protection Film For

Hard | Stone Surface

If you are looking for a long-lasting, multipurpose, replaceable solution to protect your countertops, floors etc our protective film is an ideal option

Surface Protection Film For

PVC sheets

LASPEF® deliver a variety of solutions for standard applications such as PVC, PP, PMMA, ABS or PS-based sheets.

Polyethylene Film For

Stainelss Steel Sheets

LASPEF® Polyethylene Film offers you the optimum protective solution expertly matched to your processes(Deep Drawing, Bending or Laser cutting process) and the requirements of your surfaces.

Wrapping blue Film For

Air Duct

LASPEF® Duct Protection Film is also perfect to use during construction, and renovations to keep units clean.

Protector For


LASPEF® carpet protection film is suitable to all kinds of carpets and textile surfaces in home, office and public places.

Polyethylene Film For

Other Surfaces

Disposable Barrier Film, Clean Room Tacky Mat and Protective Film For Other plastics surface, metal surface.