How to remove the residue glue from the protected surface?

When you buying surface protective film, the most important thing is to ensure that the protective film does not leave glue on the surface after removeing. This not only causes losses to the corporate image, but may also cause direct economic losses due to goods returns. You will even lose customers.

Actually, the glue used in the protective film is different from the glue used in the production of packaging tape, but it will still cause residue due to some factors, such as the corona of the protective film is too low, the drying temperature is too low or the drying time during the gluing process It is not long enough, or the time for the protective film to be posted exceeds the shelf life, etc.

Once residue occurs, we recommend that you use Ethanol for wiping. Ethanol will not cause damage to the surface of your product. If your product has strong corrosion resistance, you can also use Thinner for wiping. It has the best effect, but please protect your eyes and skin when using it. Thinner is a chemical substance used to dilute the ink when we print.

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